Become a Learner

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Become a Learner
Become a Learner


Are you struggling with reading, writing, math, or basic computer literacy? If so, we may be able to help you. Literacy Victoria’s learners come from many backgrounds and levels of schooling. Literacy Victoria provides one-on-one learning support tutoring for lower Vancouver Island residents who need help but do not have the resources to pay for individualized tutoring.

We try to find the best fit for each individual and his or her learning goals.

The tutoring sessions are private and confidential.  A learner and a tutor set the time and place to meet. Learners learn to set their own goals and work with the tutor to achieve these goals.  It does not matter how long it takes to reach a goal. We support our learners every step of the way.

Learners are at least 18 years of age and come from all walks of life.  Many are adults who can read and write some things, but wish to improve their skills.  They may come to LV to work on their reading, writing or math skills, get help with course work, or upgrade their skills to obtain work or to advance in their current job.

A learner may want to:

  • write an e-mail or a letter;
  • take their written driver’s test;
  • complete an on-line course;
  • improve their spelling;
  • complete electronic applications or forms;
  • prepare to enter the workforce.

Our programs and services are available through:

  • our Literacy Victoria office;
  • some community shelters, social agencies and transitional housing.

How do you become a Learner?

If you need help please arrange to come and see us. You must make an appointment to see a coordinator. We do not normally see people who drop in without an appointment. Our contact details are available on this website from the Contacts menu.

After you have arranged an appointment, you will see a coordinator who will talk to you about your issues and your goals. They will do an assessment to see what level skills you possess. Following that, all efforts will be made to pair you with an appropriate tutor.Together you will fill in a Learner Intake form which asks for many details to help assess your learning needs – all information remains confidential. [Back to Top] [LV HOME]

What happens next?

Tutors and learners meet regularly – usually once a week but sometimes more often than that. It is important that both learners and tutors make a commitment to attend these meetings and work steadily towards agreed upon goals.

Every few months an evaluation will take place to ensure that progress is being made. This is an opportunity to re-assess goals or discuss any issues a learner may have. [Back to Top] [LV HOME]

Where do these meetings take place?

We do not have the space to host meetings at the Literacy Victoria office so Learners and Tutors have to agree on a place to meet. The Greater Victoria Public Library provides space for tutoring. Coffee shops and recreation centres are also a possibility. All meetings must take place in a public area. [Back to Top] [LV HOME]

How long does learner-tutor relationship last?

This varies from person to person. If a learner has a specific goal that can be achieved within a few meetings, the relationship might last for just a couple of months. On the other hand, some relationships last for years. The important thing is that progress occurs and as long as that is happening, we will be happy to accommodate committed learners for a very long time. [Back to Top] [LV HOME]

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