Become a Tutor

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Become a Tutor
Become a Tutor

The success of Literacy Victoria depends on its ability to maintain a network of volunteer tutors who are willing to devote time and knowledge, on a regular basis, to help those facing challenges with one or more aspects of basic literacy. If you have the time and the desire to help others, please call to arrange a meeting with our literacy coordinator. To help you decide if this is something that interests you, please read on…

Here are questions you might have.


What do tutors do?

Volunteer tutors provide one-to-one tutoring to learners who have a wide variety of literacy needs – reading, writing, math, and computer literacy are the most common. Tutors are expected to agree on a regular meeting schedule with the learner they are paired with. Tutors and learners agree on a plan, set goals, and work cooperatively to achieve those goals. [Back to Top]  [LV HOME]


How are tutors trained?

All potential tutors must attend a Core Tutor Training session. These are held regularly. This 6 hour session covers goal setting, tutor resources, and learning styles.

As the needs of our learners are varied and diverse, tutors may have additional training requirements specific to their program which LV will help with. [Back to Top] [LV HOME]


What sort of people become tutors?

Like our learners, our tutors are a varied lot. We have a number of tutors who have retired from full-time employment but are willing to share their knowledge, experiences, and skills with our clients. We have tutors who hold full-time jobs or are full time students but want to make a contribution to society and have found this a rewarding and stimulating commitment. Our staff is skilled at pairing compatible tutors and learners. [Back to Top]  [LV HOME]


How often do tutors meet with their learners?

We ask that our tutors be able to commit to a minimum of six months. That being said, the length of a tutoring relationship depends very much on the needs and the commitment of the learner. If a learner requires help with a specific task, the relationship can be brief but effective. Some highly successful relationships have been going on for years. [Back to Top]  [LV HOME]


Where do tutors and learners meet?

We cannot provide space for meetings at our small office but the Greater Victoria Public Library has generously agreed to provide space for meetings. Other options are coffee shops, recreation centres, or other public settings that suit our clients’ schedules and locations. [Back to Top]  [LV HOME]


Are there other ways I can help LV?

Yes! If you would like to volunteer but are not sure you want to tutor, we can use help in other ways and we would love to hear from you. See how you can get in touch with us from the Contacts menu.  [Back to Top]  [LV HOME]

Ready to join us??

If you are ready to start, read more in our guide to “Steps to become a Tutor” (follow the link).

 Contact us at 250-385-0014 or