Literacy Victoria

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unnamed3Literacy Victoria (LV) helps adult learners improve their reading, writing, math, computer, and other essential skills. All of our learner services are free of charge. Having low literacy skills truly affects almost every aspect of a person’s life. Our goal is to help some of the most marginalized members of our community so that they develop sufficient skills to enjoy life fully and function effectively in this society.





How does LV work?


We encourage those who need our services to arrange a meeting at our office with our professional coordinator. A needs assessment will be conducted and once a learner’s skill level has been evaluated and specific requirements have been determined, they will be matched with an appropriate volunteer tutor. Clients meet with tutors, one-on-one, on a regular basis to work towards achieving specific goals that have been agreed by the client/tutor pairs. These meetings take place in various public off-site locations (including the Public Library) as we do not have the space host meetings at our premises. Regular reporting occurs to ensure that progress is being made and goals are being met.
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How is LV funded?


Literacy Victoria is the only organization that provides free literacy support for those 18 years of age and older. We have been operating since 1988. The cost of running LV is supported by grants from The Ministry of Advanced Education, the Victoria Foundation, the Times Colonist Raise-a-Reader program, the BC Gaming Directorate, and donations from individuals. Funding is a challenge and we increasingly rely on support from donors. Please consider helping LV by making a donation. Charitable donations over $35 are tax deductible. Thank you and get in touch with us! [Back to Top]  [LV HOME]




What is our history? A brief timeline



  • 1988 – Project Literacy Victoria (PLV) begins as a grassroots, non-profit organization built on community involvement and is formally registered under the Society Act.
  • 1989 – The first PGI Golf Tournament for Literacy, founded by Peter Gzowski, is held in Victoria. It becomes a highly successful annual fundraising event for over 20 years.
  • 1996 – PLV moves to our present location at 930A Yates Street in downtown Victoria.
  • 1998 – The organization goes online and starts actively integrating computers as learning tools.
  • 2001 – The Community Access Program (CAP) computer lab, under the auspices of the federal Department of Industry, opens at PLV for drop-in use by individuals who otherwise would not have computer access.
  • 2007 – The organization renames and rebrands PLV as “Literacy Victoria: Empowering Adult Learners”.
  • 2008 – LV completes a 3-year national pilot project, “South Island Learning Community (SILC)”, bridging First Nations and non-First Nations communities through learning technologies.
  • 2008 – Literacy Victoria celebrates 20 years of providing community-based adult literacy services across southern Vancouver Island.
  • 2009 – LV completes a two-year Community Literacy Outreach national pilot project and its results are distributed nation-wide.
  • 2009 – Blended learning (combined learning on paper and on-line) is available for all LV learners, including those with the lowest skills.
  • 2011 – LV completes a two-year Workforce Literacy/Essential Skills national pilot project with results distributed nation-wide.
  • 2013 – LV completes a three-year Aboriginal Literacy and Essential Skills community-based pilot project with results distributed nation-wide.
  • 2014 – LV needs to close in August due to lack of renewing funding.
  • 2015 – March 2 the doors have re-opened and LV is starting again!
  • 2016 – Partnership with Victoria READ Society, a sister literacy organisation working with children and youth. We wish to provide the best possible literacy support to all ages in Greater Victoria together.